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Things you should know about penis enlargement

The penis is the symbol of masculinity and potency. The length and appearance of your penis are just as crucial for men as the breast shape and breast size for women. Although almost every second man is dissatisfied with the size of his penis, the topic of enlarging the penis is an absolute taboo subject.

Out of shame, man doesn't want to talk about it. Instead, many sufferers often experience poor self-esteem and are, therefore, very dissatisfied.

Since psychological suffering is often too high, many men withdraw. Depression usually follows from the fear of entering into a close relationship with the body. To avoid this, there is now the possibility of enlarging the penis permanently.

How can you enlarge the penis with an operation?

Different surgical techniques are used to enlarge the penis with an operation. In this way, the penis length, the size of the glans penis, and the circumference can be permanently corrected. Which application is ultimately used depends on the anatomical conditions as well as on the preferences and wishes of the patient? The following sections explain which methods are available.

A penis extension can be done by cutting the penis straps. The longest part of a penis is hidden inside the body and, therefore, not visible. This part is firmly anchored to the pelvic bone with so-called penis straps. These ligaments do not play a decisive role in the function of the limb. Nevertheless, they keep the penis trapped on the pelvis.

The part that is fixed to the pubic bone is freed, and a piece of the invisible part of the penis is moved outwards by severing a few penis straps. Thus, the role of the limb visible outside the body increases in length. If the straps are severed, only individual straps may be separated. Otherwise, the erection angle will be too flat, and the penis will be unstable when erect.

So that the separated ligaments do not grow again on the pubic bone, a placeholder is usually inserted between the bone and the freed portion. This is generally done using some of the body's tissue or a very high-quality silicone implant. However, this is neither palpable nor visible from the outside. This surgical approach is usually made via a small skin incision on the corresponding penis root.

This scar will hardly be visible later. Above all, the gain in penis length in the relaxed state of the is recognizable. However, in order to keep the penis length achieved as well as to enable a further penis extension in an erect state, you should continuously carry out physiotherapy after an operation with the help of a vacuum device or a penis extensor. Learn more about penis extension from the website of Noticias Salud.


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